Help Your Patients Heal

Work with me to identify and provide the missing pieces in your patient’s healing journey, making your therapies more effective.

Help Your Patients Heal

Work with me to identify and provide the missing pieces in your patient’s healing journey, making your therapies more effective.

Let me help you help them

I’m Kendy Radasky, MS, FNTP. I want to help your patients feel better in their bodies and make choices that support their healing. Do you have patients who hit a plateau and fail to progress as you’d expect? Do you see blocks such as chronic inflammation, digestive dysfunction, or fatigue? I can help them break through these barriers and experience more success with your therapies. Let’s work together to help your patients thrive!

What Feeds Me Nutritional Therapy is your partner when inflammation, autoimmunity, blood sugar dysregulation, digestive dysfunction or idiopathic issues are beyond your desired scope.

What People Are Saying

I really love RESTART® (I participated myself and felt wonderful) and I love this option to offer my patients. Those who have taken this class have reported quick results in resetting their diets along with seeing drastic reduction in inflammation. I’m so glad this is available for me to refer to and for all in Ada county. Kendy provides an amazing space for people to feel comfortable which allows participants to remain inspired to follow through with the program.
– Callie Blackwood, MSOM, LAc (Acupuncturist & Master of Oriental Medicine)

I have worked with Kendy as a client and as a colleague. I chose to work with and continue to refer client’s to Kendy because she is a wealth of knowledge and offers tremendous support. Kendy is easy to communicate with and genuinely cares about the people she works with. Her services have helped me and my client’s take better care of our digestive health!
– Ashley Betz, MA, NCC, LPC (Mental Health Counselor)

The RESTART® Sugar Detox program is a great class for both a personal and professional focus. Professional healthcare practitioners can learn a lot by revisiting the information with Kendy in a class format. It is also an extremely valuable experience to improve personal health. The support and quality of information received led to great success in the program!
– Dr. Diana Crumrine, NMD (Licensed Naturopathic Physician)

Which of your patients would benefit from working with me?

Your patient has a health issue that seems not to be resolving, despite expectations.

The specific approach offered by functional lab testing (gut microbiome, food sensitivities, hormone balance, environmental toxicity) would help them jump to the next level of healing.

Your patient would benefit from a personalized focus engaging with habits and cravings – clarifying their motivations and inspiration for change.

You suspect a connection between their symptoms and a chronic stress response (physiological underpinnings for stress are many).

Your patient needs more time with a practitioner than you can offer – to tell their story and feel deeply heard.

Two easy ways to refer your patients to me


I offer a bio-individual approach for each of my clients. We dive deep using the tools of a comprehensive symptom questionnaire, detailed health history, 3-day food/mood/poop journal, and supplement tracker to determine which organ systems are most in need of foundational support. I suggest functional lab testing for many clients, so I can be specific and direct with my recommendations for the targeted supplements, food choices, and lifestyle shifts with the greatest healing potential. Most helpful for patients experiencing digestive dysfunction, autoimmunity, hormone imbalance, or complex/mysterious sets of symptoms.


Send your patients to the next scheduled program in my office (4-5 times per year) OR we can plan a special series where I come teach the program in your office/group space in a familiar location for your patients. RESTART® provides a strong foundation of information layered with a visceral experience of balancing digestion and blood sugar within the supportive energy of a facilitated group. Great for patients with fatigue, metabolic issues, sugar/carb cravings, joint pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, and/or insomnia.

You May Be Thinking

I love working as part of a team to improve my clients’ health. My work is complimentary to yours, not competitive. When you send one of your patients my way, I will often connect with you to learn how you’ve worked with them – what has worked, and where the perceived roadblocks are. My goal is to help your patient make progress in areas that are beyond your scope – for them to feel better and for your work with them to become more effective and successful.

I’ll make it super easy for you with my referral cards – designed for you to hand to your patient so they can contact me directly. One side describes my RESTART® Sugar-Detox program, and the other describes what it looks like to work individually with me. If you give your strong recommendation (or a “prescription” if it’s helpful) to your patient to contact me, all they’ll need to do is scan the QR code on the card (or call me directly) to book a discovery call or initial session.

I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) and Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP) and I hold a Master of Science in Biology from the University of Arizona. I have been in private practice in Boise for over 7 years and have helped hundreds of people find physiological balance and improve their quality of life. I use a combination of functional lab testing (stool, blood, and saliva), health history and symptom questionnaires, food journal, and face-to-face time learning the details of each person’s patterns, resources, and roadblocks. The client’s health goals and history (including their work with you) lead each session’s conversation; we co-create recommendations for sustainable, successful action. If you have any questions about your patient’s progress or what we’re doing together, I encourage you to reach out to me directly.