Reclaim Your Life

Pain no longer rules your life and you feel good. Enjoy your family and do the things you love to do.

Reclaim Your Life

Pain no longer rules your life and you feel good. Enjoy your family and do the things you love to do.

Big Change is Possible

I’m Kendy, and I want to help you rediscover the joy, ease, and creativity that are hiding beneath your chronic health issues. My health declined precipitously as a young adult, and it took me decades of searching, learning, and experimenting before I discovered what I needed to be truly nourished. I would love for my experiences to benefit you. Let’s get things turned around!

Functional Nutritional Therapy is an individualized process including observation, testing and protocols. Informed by the gap between your symptoms and your goals, we will form a personal plan for healing.

Move Beyond






Food Sensitivities



What People Are Saying

My journey with Kendy has been just what I needed. I’m loving seeing improvements unfold into new understanding and improved manageability. It’s like watching a miracle, which is pretty special. The future looks brighter than ever and I’m excited to see what we learn and solve next!
– Trinity

I’ve been seeing naturopaths for ten or more years. Kendy is a caring, knowledgeable, and resourceful health care practitioner who makes a careful, thorough assessment of your situation. I recommend Kendy to anyone with health issues, even if you are seeing Western Medicine caregivers. Kendy can help blend the two practices to enhance results.
– John

One of the best decisions I’ve made, seeking nutritional guidance from Kendy. The wealth of knowledge and information Kendy has regarding the body and nutrition is beyond compare. I had some pretty major struggles when starting with her and all have improved. I honestly never post reviews or recommendations but she deserves 5 stars all around.
– KH

My son suffered chronic sinusitis for years after antibiotics disrupted his gut microbiome, and an ENT recommended surgery to remove his adenoids. We opted to try and heal his gut. Kendy resolved my son’s sinus issues completely. Having a restored gut also cured him of the seasonal allergies that plagued him every spring and fall, and generally made him a calmer and more stable child all around. I highly recommend her skills as a Nutritional Therapist.
– Megan

Comprehensive Individualized Care


You share your story and I listen deeply and carefully. History, patterns, symptoms, cravings, food choice all contribute. Begin to connect the puzzle pieces toward foundational causes.


I help you clarify your goals, identify your Big Why, offer education, and suggest initial changes for immediate action. Let’s set you up for success!


Lab results offer a clear picture of your unique physiology for specific, individualized healing protocols of foods, targeted nutritional supplements, and lifestyle choices. We remove inflammatory triggers to return your body to balance.


Follow-up visits spaced appropriately for you allow me to adjust or affirm initial recommendations and add new actionable homework items as needed.


Deep change takes time (3 months minimum). You will be learning, trying new things, and continually improving your ability to interpret and trust your body’s signals. I will guide you on your journey and help you reach your goals.

Begin your journey with a comprehensive intake session for $245.

General Nutritional Education

SINGLE VISITS: If you are not ready for the personalized deep dive described above, but have questions you want answered, I offer a single visit where we can converse more broadly about nutrition. I will listen to your goals and assist you in making a general plan for improving your relationship with food, sticking with your intentions, or learning more about specific topics such as healthy fats, where to source foods, how to eat less sugar, or how to cook healthier meals for your family. I will guide you toward resources (online and books/articles) where you can further your learning.

Nutritional Education Sessions are billed at $145/hr.

Still Not Sure?

I spend 60-90 minutes with you each time we meet – ample time to dig into the nuances of your health stories and draw crucial connections that will allow for deep healing. In addition to this increased value of deeper health, fewer doctor visits and medications down the road will translate to fewer dollars spent on health care.