About Kendy

Kendy Radasky, FNTP

I’m Kendy and I am passionate about helping people find their way to vibrant health along a path of learning, observation, and action around what best nourishes them.

I have traveled a long health journey to stand where I do now. When I was 25 years old, an athlete and a go-getter, I was hit with a bad bout of the flu that didn’t seem to go away. After a few weeks in bed, I visited a doctor, had a few tests done, and was told that I seemed fine… nothing was wrong. Why then, had I changed almost overnight from a competitive swimmer, surfer, hiker, active community member, and dedicated worker to someone who could not climb a flight of stairs, stay awake a full day without several naps, complete a thought without straying to another topic, and who endured constant pain throughout her body?

I sought another doctor, and then another, and LOTS more tests, and still no answers. Eventually I got several diagnoses (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease), but no effective treatments. I was still sick. I began to expand my search beyond M.D.s (naturopaths, osteopaths, homeopaths, massage therapists, cranio-sacral therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, chiropractors…) and began to take some responsibility for my own health. This process involved, most importantly, observing my reactions to certain protocols, behaviors, and especially, foods.

Once I realized that sugar produced intense muscle pain and headaches the day after I ate it, it still took me almost 5 years to remove it from my diet. Food (especially sugar!) is a very powerful agent within the body, and our relationships to foods are VERY complex. Once I had experienced the deep sense of hope and well-being that came from changing what I ate and seeing great improvement, I was hooked… but change takes time…

I have since continued to make great changes in my own and my family’s diet, and we have all experienced noticeable improvements in our health in response. I am now clear-headed, active (yoga, hike, walk, run, dance), nearly pain-free, rarely get a cold or flu, and perhaps best of all, I experience a lightness and great optimism since empowering myself to change. One of my greatest joys in life is to wake up each day with the opportunity to bring this feeling to others – to guide my clients in their journey to discover what feeds them.

I am now certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner by the NTA. I received my B.S. in Ecology from UC Davis in 1996, and my M.S. in Community Ecology from the University of Arizona in 1998. I have not always been a nutritional therapist, and my life experiences up to this point have nourished my knowledge and added to the skill sets that I use daily as an FNTP. I have enjoyed working as a college biology teacher, restoration ecologist, urban forester, permaculture teacher and practitioner, science writer, and field biologist. With a background in ecology and having lived and worked in many western U.S. states, I appreciate how diverse and unique each ecosystem is. I approach my relationship with each new nutritional therapy client with the same sense of respect and openness; we are each bio-individuals and we come to balance in our own unique ways.

I am married to a deep-hearted man of action and grace (Matthew) and am mother to a tender and compassionate son who loves to find and explore the patterns all around himself (Eliot). The three of us, after much research and soul-searching, embarked on a 12,000 mile journey around the U.S. in our Vanagon camper in the summer of 2015 to find the community that felt like home to us. We chose Boise, Idaho and are SO glad we did! My family relationships feed me deeply and inform my way of working with clients; I listen with compassion and curiosity and act with integrity.