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Kendy Radasky

Functional Nutritional Therapist

I’m Kendy, and I’m passionate about helping people find their way to vibrant health along a path of learning, observation and action around what best nourishes them. I have traveled a long and challenging health journey myself, and now I love using these experiences and my training as a Functional Nutritional Therapist to help others transform their health.

What Feeds Me Nutritional Therapy is a deep dive into understanding the clinical significance of your body’s unique physiology combined with an intuitive exploration of the impact of personal habits.

Restart® Sugar Detox

Individual Functional Nutritional Therapy

For Health Providers

What People Are Saying

For years I’ve struggled with IBS, acid reflux, always exhausted and bathing multiple times from sweating with an unpleasant odor. Kendy listened attentively and offered many solutions. After working with her, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt! If you’re tired of not getting answers like I was and you want to get to the bottom of your issues, I highly recommend Kendy!! Life is too short to feel bad all the time.
– Kristy

The RESTART® (sugar detox) class was inspirational and helpful for me to make some simple lifestyle changes that definitely improved my health. The surprise was how much it helped with my attitude as well! I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to better their relationship with food.
– Darin

Kendy helped me get my life back. For over 17 years I lived with chronic pain, taking high doses of gabapentin and oxycontin just to be able to get through the day. I was having nerve blocks done every 6 weeks to help get pain relief. I made the decision to see Kendy without much hope of her helping me. Was I ever wrong. After just 3+ months, staying true to all her recommendations, I was off all my prescriptions. Every time I tell someone I’m off ALL (19!) of my prescriptions, thanks to Kendy, it brings tears of joy. Thanks Kendy! You’re the best.
– Rebecca

The RESTART® Sugar Detox program is a great class for both a personal and professional focus. Professional healthcare practitioners can learn a lot by revisiting the information with Kendy in a class format. It is also an extremely valuable experience to improve personal health. The support and quality of information received led to great success in the program!
– Dr. Diana (Licensed Naturopathic Physician)